Wonderful Painting of The Marina Cay Red Box

A wonderful painting of The Red Box at Our Marina Cay. Special thanks to Valerie Jenkins Fors, for sending it in! It was painted by her husband. Can’t wait to see you here soon!


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Sea Turtles Born on Marina Cay!


It’s a Boy . . . No, a Girl . . . Oh Wow!
Marina Cay was happy to find that a couple of Sea Turtles found the beach under the restaurant a perfect place to nest.
A group of hatchlings appeared on a couple of mornings and were really confused when leaving their shelter from the restaurant, headed for the sea.

With the assistance of the BVI Ministry of Natural Resources Department, the hatchlings were caught and released after dark to give them a good start on their journeys.
Special thanks to The British Virgin Islands Ministry of Natural Resources for their assistance!