A Sneak Peek at the Construction on Pusser’s Marina Cay

Here’s a quick sneak peek at the new construction on Pusser’s Marina Cay – along with a glimpse into the current underwater resting place of the Red Box!

We will soon work to hoist the Red Box back into it’s original spot on the gas dock – and restore, and replace the Red Box camera – so please stay tuned!

As many of you may know, Hurricane Irma hit us extremely hard – but we’re not going anywhere – in fact, we will soon be back stronger than ever.

The mooring fields are now OPEN and OPERATIONAL at Marina Cay; and the Pusser’s Restaurant and a Pusser’s Company Store will soon be open for business!

We look forward to welcoming you back to Marina Cay, and we’ll keep you posted as new information becomes available.

** UPDATE: The Road Town Pub Web Cam is BACK online! Click here to check it out!