The British Virgin Islands are blessed with a calm and tranquil climate year round. Temperatures during the winter months range from the low 70s in the evening to the high seventies to mid eighties during the daytime hours. During the warmer summer months temperatures may reach to the high eighties, but always with a pleasant sea breeze to stir the air. Although other islands are often beset with inclement weather late summer to fall, the BVI rarely suffers from more than a brief early morning or evening shower at this time of the year. If you are staying at one of Pusser’s seaside resorts, make sure to bring a light wrap for the evening.


Attire at any of Pusser’s resorts is casual. Also, please respect the residents of Tortola and do not wear bathing attire while in town. Of course, bathing attire is absolutely appropriate at any of the resorts. Bathing suits with cover-ups or sport clothes are the norm for breakfast and lunch on the dining terrace. Casual summer evening clothes, sport shirts and slacks are appropriate for dinner. During the day, bathing suits, shorts and beach attire are appropriate.


Health Care

Tortola has a fully equipped hospital capable of handling most emergencies. However, it is always advisable when traveling, to carry with you any prescription medications that you ordinarily take and instructions from your physician if you have chronic or recurring illnesses. Please check with your insurance carrier to verify your coverage while abroad. Over the counter medications are readily available in the supermarkets and in many of the Pusser’s stores as well.



US currency is the instrument of trade in the BVI. If you have not changed your currency prior to departure, many commercial banks are available in Tortola including First Bank, Banco Popular and Bank of Nova Scotia. Cash machines are also prevalent in the Islands and most credit cards are accepted willingly. Travelers checks in US dollars are also widely accepted. Some establishments add a minimal surcharge for use of Travelers checks.


110v /60 cycle power is of use in the Islands. Plug configurations are identical to those used in the US and no adaptation is needed for US appliances. If you are chartering a yacht, check with your charter company about the use of appliances and available current. Cellular phones from the US can incur roaming charges, please check with your provider prior to your trip. If you wish cellular service, you are advised to contact one of the phone companies on Tortola for instructions as to how to either rent a phone or adapt yours for use in the BVI. The same applies to GSM phones from Europe. To make advance arrangements for mobile service just call Flow: (800) 804-2994, Digicel: (284) 300-2500, or CCT: (284) 444-4444.



The Marina Cay ferry dock on the mainland is within easy walking distance of the airport.

Proof of Citizenship

Valid passports for clearing British Virgin Islands Immigration and Customs services and for re-entry to your country of origin.

Settlement of Accounts

Cash, travelers checks, and American Express, Visa and Master Card are acceptable means of settling accounts prior to departure.

Making Reservations on Marina Cay

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