There is a fantasy world that is a reality . . .
It’s called the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, where Pusser’s brings that world to life . . .

To enter that world, just cross Road Town to Tortola’s version of an English pub, and join the locals in their meeting place for Caribbean cuisine and famous Pusser’s Painkiller™ Cocktails, laced with Pusser’s unique wooden distilled rum that just won the world trophy for Navy Rums. If you have to wait for a table, and you probably will, there is always the bar with its authentic stained glass Victorian chandeliers, Victorian era ships chandlery furnishings and photos . . . And best of all, The Pusser’s Co. Store with all of its exclusive in-house designed product . . .  You’d better try it and buy it then, because the only place you’ll get the opportunity again is on the Web or another Pusser’s location!

About Pusser’s Pub

Overlooking Road Harbor on the waterfront in the heart of Road Town the BVI’s capital, Pusser’s has long been Tortola’s meeting place for locals and visitors alike. You may enjoy the outside porch or inside Victorian air conditioned bar, where you may order a Pusser’s Painkiller™ in your own “take-home” Pusser’s Navy mug. The food is excellent, and the prices a real bargain. The venue is heavily Caribbean with especially good jerk pork and jerk chicken, but Pusser’s is also known for its scrumptious sirloin burgers and pizza.

Pusser’s Road Town Pub Menu:

Pusser’s Road Town Pub Phone: 284-494-2467 x1601
General Contact Phone: 1-800-PUSSERS

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Despite the toll that Hurricane Irma wrought on our Pusser’s Company Stores, we’re still here – rebuilding and growing stronger. Since 1979, The Pusser’s brand has been producing the world’s