To all our friends and Pusser’s supporters, we’re sorry to have to tell you that we no longer have a presence at Marina Cay. Yep! Our time is up. After more than 25 years as a tenant with a good landlord, we’ve had to call it quits. We’re a small company, and Hurricane IRMA ate us up financially. Consequently, we were  unable to meet the terms of a new lease. Nevertheless, we had a good run, introduced Pusser’s to a lot of good people like you, and had a lot of fun. But we’re still flying and moving forward!

Our Pusser’s Co. Store at Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda came through IRMA with flying colors. It’s been open over the past year 7 days weekly.

And then there’s the Pusser’s Painkiller Bar and Co. Store on Main Street in Roadtown, Tortola. Everything’s up and running, and the Pusser’s Co. Store is fully stocked with our unique, proprietary line of Tropical, Nautical & Travel apparel. This is our 40th Year in Roadtown. Come and visit us, and if you’re a member of a yacht or boating club, bring along one of your club’s burgees and we’ll fly it permanently in the Pub! Or if you wish to send us one, send it to me: Charles Tobias (I’m the Founder), PO Box 8309; Cruz Bay, St. John; VI 00831. We get our mail over there because it’s faster.

Finally, we expect to open our Pusser’s Landing and Co. Store at West End by the first part of December. As you’ll recall, we’re just across from the Custom’s dock in colorful Soper’s Hole. Know that all the good things connected with sailing, yachting and boating here in the BVI, the Sailing Capital of the World, are all just about back. So do come on into Pusser’s with your family and friends – for some good food and drink, a special shopping experience, topped off with cheerful,”Splice the Main Bracing”!  Meanwhile, we thank you sincerely for the support that you’ve given us and the BVI over many years, and look forward to seeing you again for many years to come.

Charles Tobias,