Long Sleeve Net Anchor Crewneck Pullover


Designed specifically for the tropics, this is the coolest pullover (in many ways) that you’ll ever wear in tropical climes or on a hot summer’s day.. Cut from 100% cotton net, it breathes like no other shirt, while its open cotton weave readily wicks up any extra moisture. A cotton ribbed neck, loose cuffs and open side-vented bottom, make it delightfully comfortable.


There’s nothing else that could so perfectly capture the “unexpected” spirit of the BVI, much less PUSSER’S thoughts for a woman’s beach pullover.


It’s unique cotton knit open weave looks like true fish-net…add a stenciled black anchor taking the full front, and this simple long sleeve crewneck becomes the first choice not only for beach strolls, but evening parties on the deck.


Fabric: 100% 100% cotton net

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SKU: 22321

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