For the ultimate Pusser’s Painkiller party, this is the “5 Gallon : 100 Pusser’s Painkiller™ Party Recipe!

Pusser's 100 Painkiller Party Recipe

This recipe makes 5 Gallons of Pusser’s Painkiller™ Cocktails


Ingredients in 5 GallonsTypical Store Container VolumeContainers RequiredTotal Fl. Oz. per 5 Gal. Batch
Pusser’s Rum750 ML3.576
Orange Juice (fresh or frozen)89 Fl. Oz1.089
Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut15 Fl. Oz7.0105
Pineapple Juice42 Fl. Oz9.0378
648Fl. Oz.
= 20.25Quarts
= 5Gal.
# Drinks = 648 Fl. Oz./5 oz. per drink = 130 drinks


  • Combine Pusser’s Rum, Orange Juice, Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut, and Pineapple juice in a large container.
  • Stir mix thoroughly before pouring into glass. Combine with ice at time of serving.
  • Top each Painkiller with grated nutmeg, a maraschino cherry and garnish with an orange wheel.

*  For the best results, do not combine the mix with ice until serving.

Best when served in a Pusser’s Painkiller Tin MugFind them on our Pusser’s Co. Store Home Goods Section Here!