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Giant Tin Pusser’s Painkiller Mug

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Direct from the Pusser’s Company Store, it’s our famous GIANT Tin Pusser’s Painkiller Mug! Famous throughout the BVI and better ports of call, our GIANT Tin Pusser’s Painkiller Mugs have a wide base and clean fast which help to keep them upright on board.

The Giant Pusser’s Painkiller Mug has a complete map of Drake’s Voyage from 1585, The Famous Four-Flags, Splice The Main Brace logo, Red Anchor bottom and our Good To The Last Drop on the inside bottom.

Bottle of Pusser’s Rum NOT included – shown for scale only!

Savor the flavor of a Pusser’s Painkiller™ Cocktail in one our our Original Tin Drinking Mugs. Made in England with glass fired inks.

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